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Fiberglass Grating
Fiberglass grating is furnished in 2 types – molded and pultruded.
Molded fiberglass grating is a one piece, reinforced polyester or vinyl ester (FRP grating) available in standard panel sizes.  Standard panels are available in meniscus or grit top.
Pultruded fiberglass grating provides the ultimate combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and structural integrity as a result of the automated pultrusion process.  The top surfaces are smooth or gritted.
Typical fiberglass grating applications include work platforms, stairs and landings, trench covers and walkways.

Fiberglass Structural Shapes
Standard fiberglass structural shape configurations include, angle, channel, square tube, round tube, solid bar, flat sheet, wide flange beam and I-beam.  All fiberglass structural shapes are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.
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Fiberglass Ladders
Fiberglass Ladders are corrosion resistant and meet all OSHA requirements. Fiberglass Ladders can be custom fabricated to meet any specific design.

Fiberglass Handrails
Fiberglass handrails are corrosion resistant and meets all OSHA requirements. Fiberglass handrails can be fabricated and shipped in specified lengths or as components.  It is also available in side or base mount.  Standard fiberglass handrails come in safety yellow.  
Fiberglass Platform & Fiberglass Stair System installed on the outside of a local chemical plant building.
The FRP replaced an existing and corroded steel staircase. FRP (Fiberglass) is top choice in an aggressive chemical environment.

(Local Chemical Plant - Tampa, FL) 
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Resolite Fiberglass Siding & Resolite Fiberglass Roof Panels
Fiberglass Roofing and Fiberglass Siding panels are designed to withstand extremely corrosive environments.
The benefits of Fiberglass Roofing and Fiberglass Siding:
  • Chemical and Corrosion Resistant
  • High Strength
  • Resilient
  • Good Weathering Characteristics
  • Fire Retardant
  • Diffused Light Transmission
  • Versatile
Fiberglass Roofing and Fiberglass Siding panels come in a wide range of colors, finishes and profiles.
The panels are adaptable to many building applications for roofs and walls. Factory Mutual approved panels are available.

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Fiberglass Tanks
Fiberglass Tanks are designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet customer specifications.  Fiberglass tanks have provided containment solutions and advantages over other materials for a wide array of products including chemical, water, pharmaceutical, paper, agriculture, mineral, and food. Standard capacities range from 50 to one million gallons. Custom shapes and sizes are also available

Polyethylene Tanks
Polyethylene Tanks are utilized for the storage of corrosive or non-corrosive fluids and designed to resist specific chemical environments.   Polyethylene tanks are available in a wide selection of sizes up to 16,500 gallons.  Available in a full range of product designs, including closed or open-top vertical tanks in flat or cone-bottom styles.  Resins include FDA and NSF 61 listed linear high-density (HDLPE) and cross-linked high-density (XLPE).

Fiberglass Containment &
Rhino Industrial Linings

Fiberglass containment linings20171109 27853 1ky539b

  • Protection of Surfaces Against Chemical Attack
  • Long Lasting
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Fiber Reinforced
  • Resin Systems Selected for Specific Chemical Exposure and Optimum Resistance
  • Hand Applied to Assure a Total "Wet Out" and Maintain Thickness Tolerances
  • Anti-Slip Surface (Optional)
  • Standard Colors - White or Gray (other colors are available)
  • Superior Performance Over Other Traditional Non-Reinforced Coatings
  • Applied Over Concrete, Steel or Wood Surfaces
  • Meets or Exceeds EPA Standard for Secondary Containment
  • Seamless